Diryiah Arabie Saoudite





Mission d'AMO

Architects : Nadia Sahmi- Cogito Ergo Sum et Kris GELDOF

‘Opus Architectonicum’ engineer & architect ; Peter **LANDUYT '**Collaboration Group’ architect

  • Assignment : sharing emotions with All visitors, including children, elderly and visitors in situation of physical, hearing, visual, mental, psychic and cognitive disability
  • Recount the authentic ‘experience of Diriyah’ to all visitors, where we would like to combine:- excellent physical practices (wheelchair users, limited mobility, easily fatigued, elderly, children, pregnant women, etc.); excellent sensory practices that interest all audiences including those with impairments in perception (deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, children, foreign visitors who do not speak the country’s language and are not aware of the Kingdom’s cultural heritage)
Voir la réalisation


We think we should allow all visitors to experience the site at their own pace, from the ‘slow’ to the ‘fast’, the ‘intellectual’ and the ‘sensory’ by:

feeling the experience in a kinesthetic manner, with all senses, through the body, climbing, descending, growing tired, seeking air, appreciating the coolness of a building, alternating interior and exteriors, touching, listening, smelling, breathing, looking etc;
seeking out the ‘sounds’ of the site, making the sounds graphic, breaking down borders by moving from one to another according to environmental compositions.

Le plus

Usually, Saudi Guest come in family groups or among friends but very rarely alone.This is an advantage because persons who are fragile or disabled are always accompanied by a third party who always takes precautions.

It is important to recognize that for blind visitors, children, foreign tourists in particular, it is important to conserve the rugged nature of the sites in order to feel, understand and experience them. The aim is not to smooth or sterilize them. Human accompaniment or supervision is thus called for.

Different main sensory circuits are proposed. They are classified from easiest (level 1) to most difficult (level 2 and 3).